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Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) training

Oracle Real Application Cluster.

Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) is a cluster database. Compared to traditional shared-nothing architecture of single instance database, oracle Real Application Cluster has a shared cache architecture and also shared-disk approaches to provide highly available and scalable solution for any business applications.

The Practical Handbook on Oracle Real Application Cluster for Oracle DBA’s. Click the image on RIGHT!

Oracle Real Application Cluster Field DBA Admin Handbook

One of the key component of Oracle enterprise grid architecture by oracle is the Real application Cluster (RAC)

Oracle RAC is a unique technology that provides high availability and scalability for all application types. The Oracle RAC infrastructure is also a key component for implementing the Oracle enterprise grid computing architecture. Having multiple instances access a single database prevents the server from being a single point of failure. Oracle RAC enables you to combine smaller commodity servers into a cluster to create scalable environments that support mission critical business applications. Applications that you deploy on Oracle RAC databases can operate without code changes.

What is a Cluster ?

A cluster comprises of multiple interconnected servers or computers that appear as if they are one single server to end users and applications.

Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters (RAC) enables the clustering of the Oracle Database. A RAC database comprises of multiple instances residing on different computers to access a common database residing on shared storage.

The basic principle behind the Real Application Cluster is greater throughput and scalability due to the combined power of multiple instances running on multiple servers

The Practical guide to Unix Commands and Tips for Oracle DBA’s and Developers. Click the image on RIGHT!

Unix handbook for Oracle DBA

Some of the main benefits of Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)

  • Scalability: Service capacity can be expanded simply by adding servers to existing cluster.
  • Availability round the clock (24/7): Zero downtime for database applications.
  • Relatively lower computing cost: Cost can be relatively reduced by using low-cost commodity hardware.
  • Grid Computing : Very foundation of Oracle Grid computing is oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC.

Main Components of Oracle Real Application Cluster 10g.

It comprises of two main components

  1. Oracle Clusterware.
  2. Oracle Software.

In RAC10g Clusterware is called CRS layer which resides below Oracle software layer. Second layer is the Oracle software itself.

RAC is the Oracle Database option that provides a single system image for multiple servers to access one Oracle database. In RAC, each Oracle instance usually runs on a separate server.

Pre-requisite for Oracle Real Application Cluster Training.

  • Knowledge of functional level of oracle Database Administration.

Who should take up this Training?

  • Any Oracle DBAs who are installing, administering and Monitoring the Oracle Real Application Cluster.

Some of the topics covered in Oracle Real Application Cluster Training.

  • Introduction to Oracle Clustering Technology
  • RAC Architecture and Concepts
  • Install Oracle Clusterware and Cluster databases
  • Oracle Clusterware Administration
  • Administering Database Instances in RAC
  • Storage Administration in RAC
  • Administering Services
  • Adding and deleting nodes and instances
  • Managing Backup & Recovery on RAC using RMAN
  • Performance Monitoring on RAC database
  • Workload management
  • Fast Application Notification
Well ! whether you have a formal training in Oracle Real Application Cluster or not, there is lot of information available out there in the form of various books, especially oracle provided on Free Oracle online manuals

However when it comes to managing and looking after your production Real application Cluster, it may not be practical to the commands you needed in the right time and possibly you don’t want to keep searching for the right command and tips when you have a major production issue and the users cannot access the database.

Based on my experience and findings on the field, I have put together all needed handy commands , tips and procedures to manage and administer Oracle Real application Cluster, which I believe would be very useful and handy for any Oracle DBA who is responsible for managing and looking after production RAC (Oracle Real Application cluster) database.

This book describes how to administer the Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) architecture and provides an overview of these products. Describes services and storage and how to use RAC scalability features to add and delete instances and nodes in RAC environments.

This book also describes how to use the Server Control (SRVCTL) utility to start and stop the database and instances, manage configuration information, and to delete or move instances and services

A troubleshooting section describes how to interpret the content of various RAC-specific log files, search on Metalink and also useful reference section with relevant Metalink Document reference and Weblinks

Know more about Oracle Real Application Cluster field DBA Admin Handbook Click the link

The Practical Handbook on Oracle Real Application Cluster for Oracle DBA’s.

The “Oracle Real Application Cluster Field DBA Admin Handbook” is a practical guide for Oracle DBA’s who manage and administer the Oracle Real Application Cluster High availability solution.

This book provides practical steps to administer Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). It’s like a field guide rather than an in depth manual. It’s written for the DBA’s to handle the day to day challenges faced by DBA’s managing RAC on the job.

Click Oracle Real Application Cluster Field DBA Admin Handbook. for more details.

The Practical guide to Unix Commands and Tips for Oracle DBA’s and Developers.

The “Unix Handbook for Oracle DBA” is a practical guide for Oracle DBA’s and Developers working on Unix. It has the unix commands, tips and short scripts to help you find the most needed help on the job. It’s from my collection for over 15 years of practical usage of these tips and techniques as a Database Specialist on Unix.

Click Unix handbook for Oracle DBA. for more details.

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