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 Oracle DBA job is one of the most highly paid job in the IT market. As company database sizes keep growing, the demand for Database administrators also growing accordingly. Since Oracle is the biggest database vendor, Oracle DBA jobs are on top of the list among all other database administrator jobs.

If you are an oracle DBA already, depending on whether you are a Jr. Oracle DBA, Sr. Oracle DBA or an Oracle DBA consultant, you have a wide range of options to choose. 

Once again depending on your taste, you could choose a permanent position, a Contracting position or a Consulting position. 

What is the basic qualification required to become an Oracle DBA

There is no hard and fast rule to have a specific base qualification. Nevertheless having a college degree with a related field would be more helpful. You do see quite a number of job advertisements demanding an engineering degree or an IT degree related to computers, however these are a few exceptions only.

As an Oracle DBA you have wide options to choose, depending on which track  you would like to specialize in.  To learn different specializations as an oracle dba or database specialist

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Oracle DBA job Interview

You normally see whenever there is a demand, supply also tends to increase accordingly. Though there is a great demand for oracle dbas, there is quite a lot of supply too. Well when it comes to succeeding in securing a job, only the most suitable ones survive. So the good news is in spite of supply, if you are prepared well there is a great chance that you succeed in getting the suitable oracle dba position.

An Oracle dba Job interview has mainly 3 stages 

  • Preparing the Job resume
  • Initial screening by a job agent
  • Attending Interview with Employer

I personally think all three stages are equally important. 

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Preparing oracle dba job resume:-

Given that there is a bit of competition for an oracle dba job position in the market these days, whenever there is a vacancy the possibility of many people applying for that position is also high.

Well these days we have specialized job agents advertising, filtering and screening the job applications from candidates for the employer. However when there are hundreds of job applications for a given position, it becomes hard for even an employment agent to screen through all applications and shortlist the candidates. In situations like this, the obvious thing to do is to just pick the applications that stand out, with respect to presentation. Secondly you don’t expect the job agent to be an expert in the oracle dba job description.

Having said that as an oracle dba job candidate, it is your responsibility to present yourself well in your resume.

From my own personal experience the format and layout of a resume which gets the attention of a Job agent and employer for oracle dba job/ database specialist is available  and you can have a look by clicking  Oracle dba job resume

Initial screening by job agent:-

Initial short listing of your application for an oracle dba job by a job agent depends on how well you present yourself in the resume, obviously assuming that your qualification and experience matches up with the job requirement.

Once you are short listed, the job agent normally would call you over the phone and ask a few general questions with respect to availability, experience, why you would like to consider this specific job, willing to relocate if required etc etc. You can probably call this as your first interview.

Some job agents may request you to meet them personally for an initial assessment of job candidate. After all he or she is representing you. It is important you present yourself well with respect to your communication both written and oral and also with respect to overall impression.

Once you are through in this initial interview with job agent, he or she will forward your resume to the employer and basically represent you to get an interview with employer. Normally the employer would call you for the job interview based on the job agent's recommendation. However there could be occasions when there are more than a few eligible candidates represented by your agent and also other agents.

In that case employer may consider further short listing of the candidates. This also depends on the credibility of the job agent who is representing you. Nevertheless, if you have done your homework well with respect to writing the resume well, you should be able to get an interview from employer. Remember at this stage the employer has not seen you and all he or she has is your resume which is basically representing you. 

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Attending Interview with Employer:-

Once you have passed the initial two stages of securing an oracle dba job, here comes the most crucial part of securing an oracle dba position.

What is expected of you during the Oracle dba job interview:-

Based on the type of position you are applying for: For example whether you are attending for the post of jr. oracle dba, Sr oracle dba or Oracle database consultant, you will be asked different levels of questions.

If it is a Jr. Oracle dba position, the interviewer may be more into your beginner level technical skills, team spirit, your attitude and how you mix with other team members.

If it is a Sr. Oracle dba position the interviewer may be more into your advanced technical skills, leadership skills, hands on expertise on some critical technical task, how you handle the pressure in a real disaster situation on production database, verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills etc.

If it were an Oracle database consultant, the interviewer would be more interested in your consulting experience in previous positions and the versatility of your knowledge in applying to real life situation and implementing it on the job. Once again you need to meet all the requirements of a Sr. Oracle dba as well. 

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Golden Rule of oracle dba job interview:-

  1. Don’t fake your answers with the Interviewer. Sooner or later the truth surfaces.
  2. Be honest in telling what you know and what you do not know.
  3. Answer any questions to the point, don’t end up with story telling.
  4. Always remember the STAR principle when you have to explain something.

S Situation

T Task

A Action

R Result

How to prepare for an oracle dba job Interview?

Well how ever much you know about the job, whatever your skill levels are, when it comes to speaking about yourself, I guess we all start mumbling. I believe the best weapon to handle this situation is rehearsal. You may be asking me, how are you supposed to know what to rehearse.

I believe whatever the questions are and whatever the situation is, as an oracle dba job candidate, you would be asked directly or indirectly a certain set of questions. Most of them are very generic in structure. If you could rehearse these generic questions you would at least equip yourself to meet the majority of the interviewer's expectations. Check these questions in detail 

How to dress up for Interview

Try light colour shirts and darker shade trousers. Preferably white shirt and black or moderately striped trouser. I think there is no other perfect combination than back and white. I personally think white is the most elegant colour, technically white has all 7 colours. A bit of physics that’s all.

Avoid any dark coloured shirts in general, you can keep them for parties after the interview.

I think whether you are male or female this basic dress colour should hold good. The only difference would be females might choose skirts or trousers.

Don’t forget to wear well-polished shoes. Ladies please avoid those ballet flats! 

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Types of Oracle dba jobs

Basically there are two categories of oracle dba job positions available in the market.

1. Contracting Positions

Companies hire contractors for oracle dba positions for various reasons.

  • Currently the position may be available for a short period of time for example 3 months, 6 months or even 1 year. For example to work on some implementation project team, or possibly one of the oracle dba permanent staff is on extended leave.
  • Some companies may hire oracle dba contractors based on their own financial situation and also market conditions, which might work out financially viable for the current situation, compared to hiring someone permanently.
  • Companies may not have the expertise in house and they may wish to get contractors for that special expert area and choose to hire oracle dba contractors for a short duration until their staff get trained and feel comfortable. This is the area where you have opportunity for earning big hourly rates, if you have wide range of oracle dba skills.

2. Permanent Positions.

Companies normally hire an oracle dba for a permanent position, when there is an ongoing requirement to support oracle database activity. It could be on various productions, test and development database server maintenance tasks or it could be for some ongoing projects. 

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