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 If you are moving from different database platform into oracle or if you are new to Oracle databases Administration job or simply to enhance your skill levels, whatever your requirement may be, Oracle dba training is a must and it is part of the Oracle DBA career.

To keep up to date with the new technology in ever changing field of Oracle DBA, it’s vital to adopt the learning skill as part of your career. 

Being an informed, knowledgeable oracle DBA can raise your visibility and increase your access to the industry's most challenging opportunities and if you have some of the special skills such as High availability (Real application Cluster, Data guard), Data warehousing  Business Intelligence you could equip yourself in very good bargaining, financially rewarding roles.

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Skill training for Oracle DBA

Based on wheather you are a beginner, Junior Oracle DBA , Senior Oracle DBA or Oracle DBA Consultant you could choose some of the paths to boost your skill levels 

  • Oracle Database Administrator
  • Oracle database SQL and PL/SQL
  • Unix/Linux Administration
  • Oracle database Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Oracle Database Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM Grid Control)
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
  • Oracle Data guard
  • Oracle Data warehousing

As an Oracle DBA which training is suitable for which Level ?

1. Oracle Database Administrator training

Oracle Database administrator training is very basic requirement for any oracle DBA, irrespective of which mode of training you are opting for. This training course enables you to understand oracle database concepts and architecture. So it’s an essential training for any oracle dba.

2. Oracle database SQL and PL/SQL training

Oracle database SQL and PL/SQL training also a basic requirement for you as an oracle DBA to understand one of the most popular business application database language which is also used with oracle relational databases.

3. Unix/Linux Administration training

Unix/Linux Administration training is yet another basic requirement as an oracle DBA. The simple reason being, all database system needs to run on operating system. When it comes to choosing the operating system, unix flavours stands out. 

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4. Oracle database Recovery Manager (RMAN) training

Oracle database Recovery Manager (RMAN) training  RMAN has become an essential tool backing and restoring and recovering the oracle databases. Most of the organizations use oracle’s RMAN (Recovery Manager) as their primary backup and recovery tool. So RMAN has basically has become a industry standard. Having said that you probably may not be able to get away without knowing RMAN and the same time be a successful oracle DBA.

For Practical field based, Tried,Tested and Proven  Oracle database RMAN Restore and Recovery Course/training 

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5. Oracle Database Performance Tuning training

Oracle database Performance Tuning training is basically focuses on tuning components of oracle database in detail. Overall Oracle database performance tuning is in fact covered in oracle database administrator training course. So you might choose to do your customized performance study based on your organizational requirement using online manuals or self study. However if you are involved with some of the problematic, poor performing databases, you might as well choose to do this training to speed up your learning. The truth is learning database performance tuning doesn’t stop, it’s an ongoing process and depending on the type of application your database is talking to, you might have a specific requirement with respect to performance tuning.

6. Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM Grid Control) training

Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM Grid Control) training is an optional choice based on whether your organization uses this tool to manage the databases. Oracle EM grid control is an oracle provided web based centralized management tool available from version 10g onwards. You may be using third party tools from Quest, BMC patrol etc etc to manage your databases. Though there is specific training track available for this tool, you can do a self study, since it is a GUI tool and once you understand the fundamentals right, it is relatively easy to learn. 

However if you use this tool in your organization,  I believe it’s worth learning this tool by self study or attending the training, because EM grid control is much different from Oracle’s Enterprise Manager and has lot more features compared to Java based Enterprise manager in oracle 9i. EM grid control is basically oracle’s Enterprise Manager in 10g Onwards. But it’s not called Enterprise Manager anymore. It’s a web-based tool and mush faster than its java-based predecessor (Enterprise Manager in oracle 9i).

7. Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) training

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) training is another "must learn"  for the oracle DBAs who manages, installs, administers Oracle Real application Cluster.

Oracle Real application Cluster is one of the industry standard High availability (HA) solution. Most organizations use High availability solution based on their Business requirements. It could be Oracle Real Application Cluster or/and Oracle Data Guard.

Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) is a cluster database. Oracle RAC is a unique technology that provides high availability and scalability for all application types.

If you happen to be managing, installing and administering Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC) this training is useful. Basically Oracle RAC training is for High availability (RAC) oracle dbas. So it’s not an essential requirement for oracle DBA to get trained in oracle RAC, if you are only managing traditional shared-nothing architecture of single instance databases.

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8. Oracle Data guard training

Oracle Data guard training is an another optional training choice for oracle DBAs who are involved with setup of logical/Physical standby databases including installation, setup, configuration, management and administration.

Oracle Data guard is yet an another industry standard High availability (HA) solution. Unlike Oracle Real application Cluster, Oracle Data guard is designed for Disaster Recovery solution from oracle.

Oracle Data guard provides a complete disaster recovery solution. Data guard provides a rich toolkit for using a database’s existing architecture to mirror a complete database to another site. Oracle Data guard can be configured in two modes. Physical standby and Logical standby.

Physical Standby serves as Disaster Recovery(DR) Mirror Site, where as Logical standby serves as supplementary Reporting site to the Primary database. As an Oracle DBA, if you happen to be involved in setting up and managing any of Physical or Logical standby solutions (Oracle Data Guard), you may be interested in taking up this Oracle Data guard training.

9. Oracle Data warehousing training

Oracle Data warehousing training is an another optional training choice for oracle DBAs who are responsible for setup and managing oracle data warehouse databases.

Most of the databases are used for Online transaction and Processing (OLTP) in any business, however a data warehouse is a special relational database that is designed for specific purpose of query and analysis of Business Data.

Generally oracle Data warehouse contains historical data derived from transaction data and it is specially designed for analysis of Business data for various consolidated reporting purpose.

Once again as an oracle DBA, if you happen to be involved in setting up and managing Oracle Data warehouse database, you may be interested in taking up oracle data warehouse training. 

How to get oracle dba training

There are number of ways you could train yourself as an oracle dba . For example Oracle corporation has different modes of training.

1. Instructor-led in Class oracle dba training

Oracle’s Instructor led in class training program is comprehensive and most popular among all training modes. These training provide you with hands-on experience to match job role requirements and also helps you to prepare for Oracle Certification exams if you wish to take up the oracle dba certification.

How much you grasp the content during training is completely dependent on your level of expertise. However learning doesn’t stop at training, rather it is an on-going process. What I like about oracle’s in class training is their in-class training manuals are quite valuable which you could use them during your working period as an oracle dba as a reference guide.

2. Instructor-led online oracle dba training

You might be interested in taking Instructor-led online oracle dba training if you wish to get trained at your home or office and do not wish to travel to the Training centre. You still receive similar quality of training as Instructor-led in class. 

3. Oracle’s Self-Study CD ROM oracle DBA training

If you don’t want to spend a fortune training yourself as an oracle DBA and wish to learn in your own pace, I think “Oracle’s Self-Study CD ROM” is a better option. Oracle University Self-Study (SSCDs) is a cost-effective, flexible training solution. Beauty of this kind of training is you can learn at any time, any place at your own pace with your own schedule.

Self-Study CD-ROMs (SSCD) from Oracle are available as individual courses and as custom enterprise libraries. Content wise, most of the courses/Titles cover the same content as their Instructor-Led in Classes. 

4. Oracle's Online Library

Oracle’s Online Manuals are available in wide range of topics. The good news is they are free to access and read.

Click here to access   Oracle Database Documentation

Online Library is also called Oracle University Knowledge Center. Oracle online Library or Knowledge Center is the central access point to Oracle’s University's vast library of e-learning content. Only concern is:  these manuals have lot of information explained in detail, and you might get lost if you want to quickly refer something in particular. For example specific command or syntax.

5. Private Event oracle dba Training

Suppose you have a group of oracle dbas or Implementation team who are looking for more customized team training programs, wish to get trained together, or your organization wish to cut cost on travelling expenses of their employees, you could opt for private group training. You could organise with oracle to conduct the training in a place and time which suits your needs. However as an individual this may not be a suitable option. However if you are looking for tailor made and cost effective approach to team training this is may be the option for you. 

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